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Jared Woodfill is running to be the next State Representative for House District 138 and the next Speaker of the Texas House. Woodfill, a lifelong conservative, served as the Harris County Republican Party Chairman for twelve years.  During his tenure as Chairman, he presided over four countywide Republican sweeps.  He currently serves as President of Conservative Republicans of Texas and has worked for years to get conservative Republicans elected across the state.  Woodfill is a native Houstonian, and he and his wife of 24 years have two children, Isabella and Ryker.  Woodfill and his family are members of Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas.  

Woodfill successfully worked to defeat Mayor Annise Parker’s HERO ordinance which would have allowed men to enter women’s and girls’ restrooms, showers, and locker rooms.  Working with other conservative leaders, the ordinance was defeated 65% to 35%. Through his law practice, Woodfill has fought for religious liberty, election integrity, and against the government lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Woodfill has received numerous awards from conservative organizations, including the Texas Justice Foundations Defender of Life Award, Texas Values’ Kelly Shackleford Award for extraordinary commitment to Faith, Family & Freedom in Texas, and Vision America’s Hero of the Faith Award.

Woodfill is ready to bring our values to Austin and clean up the Austin swamp.


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The current Texas House District 138 representative, Lacey Hull, recently conspired with the current House Speaker Dade Phelan to impeach the most conservative Attorney General in the country, Ken Paxton. Hull took over $150,000 in dirty money from the current speaker and was ordered to vote for the impeachment of Attorney General Paxton. The entire episode was an example of why “RINOs” in Austin must be voted out of office.

Hull and Phelan have consistently worked together to undermine conservative legislation that passes the Texas Senate and then dies in the Texas House.  With Hull’s support, Phelan continues to appoint Democrats to chair important committees.  Texans for Fiscal Responsibility gave Hull a 62 (D-) based on her votes for big government.  As part of its Faith & Family Scorecard, Texas Values Action gave Hull a 66% (D) for her votes on issues impacting faith and families.  It is time for our grassroots base to take back House District 138 and clean up the Austin swamp! It’s time to restore a conservative majority in the Texas House.  Woodfill will be ready on Day 1 to bring decency back to HD 138, and return our conservative grassroots values back to the Texas House of Representatives.